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Meet Lynn Forconi!

How I work:

I use what you already have in your home to its best advantage and then add the finishing touches that brings out the best look. Then I create a plan for you (or us) to implement so you can build on it as resources become available, to bring it up  to a whole new level!

My goal, when I design a space for you, was best summed up by a client’s young son who commented when he saw his mother’s study, “Mom, it looks just like you.”

From the Maryland Historical Chronicle

We have found an exceptional designer who is astonishingly quick, creative and affordable. Lynn Forconi, The Design Therapist, draws on more than 25 years of residential design experience. Her enthusiasm and love of her profession shows in the quality of  her work. She is a genius at making seemingly unrelated accessories and furnishings work  together. Lynn is a  collaborator by nature. She listens carefully to her client’s thoughts, helps them to visualize her ideas and  avoids costly misunderstandings,  by using her considerable skills as an artist to draw sketches during the appointment.

“Using what my clients already have in their home, Lynn explained, “costs less, saves time and reflects their life style, tastes, history and travels”. She added, ”The home should look as if it has naturally evolved over time. My client’s home should not be used as a show place for my personal taste. It should be a reflection of the homeowner’s taste”, she points out, “When she is finished, every element in the homeowner’s space relates in an unselfconscious harmony. That’s how it should be”, she concludes.

What people say about Lynn

(from Angie’s List)  “Lynn did a color work up for my home that was just excellent. She is a color genius. When I am buying paint or furniture based on her color selections, I don’t have to worry if they will work. She gets the exact shade that will tie things together. This allows me to be more adventurous because I can be confident about my choices. I have had her pick colors in a previous house with the same great results. Great service for the price…I can’t afford not to use her. She is a delight to work work with and knows her stuff. – Karen C.

(from Angie’s List)  “We had just moved into a new home…and needed a designer to help us make some decisions and choose colors. The color was different than what we would have selected, but we have gotten so many compliments on the colors Lynn chose,that we had her help  us with other rooms too. She is totally amazing. We have referred her to others and they have had the same wonderful experience. She is great at what she does. Denise L.

(from Angie’s List) “Lynn was wonderful to work with. She provided creative and cost effective ideas to redesign our home. She was able to arrange our spaces in really surprising and wonderful ways that we would not have considered, to create a beautiful, cozy living spaces….We LOVE the results and are ecstatic with our new home! – James P.

“We still love our home and smile often at all the wonderful things you did for us. It would never look this gorgeous without your input.” – Cathey B.

From personal note:”When I heard from my father’s mailman that you were there, I went right over to Mom’s house. You did a great job! – Devi Abbott

“I have consulted with Lynn many times over the past ten years, mostly for an hour two on a problem area–sometimes to change the furniture placement and often for colors. We have a small house and I find Lynn very creative at working with small places. Lynn is really fun to work with, very creative——and she hits the ground running, ready to help in whatever way you need her to. She will help you move the furniture round and rehang pictures. She is not pushy and she listens to what you want and doesn’t try to take over and impose her taste on you. – isc***

She has a great eye for color and is good at explaining what colors do for a room. It is very helpful  when describing an idea, that she can quickly sketch it for you so you can visualize how it’s going to look, which is great for me because  I have a hard time visualizing without the sketch.

She is also a great source information about where to get items and also respectful of your budget. In fact, her specialty is decorating using what you already have. She often suggests moving something from one place (or room)  to another to more advantage.” – Ann B.

From a personal note:”We are more pleased with your arrangement of our house every day. I wish you could have been here when the kids came home. They love it as much as Jim & I do”! –  Susan K.

from a personal note”I really appreciate you and all you did to get the bathroom guest room and sitting area all so beautiful in such a short time. You are a talented lady” – Lynn N.

From a personal note: “Just a short note to say ‘thank you’ for all your help. Since moving here to Fairfax, I needed to feel at home and now I do! I thoroughly enjoyed working with you, watching & helping you create “magic” with my treasures. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who just needs that fresh make-over or more.” Thanks again. – Cathy D.

From a personal note: “Dear Lynn, I  am sure you sensed my initial skepticism. After the whirlwind of  just moving in on Friday and having our staging appointment on Saturday,  I was exhausted. Sunday morning I awoke to survey my new domain. You had truly turned it into a comfortable home where everything made sense for this obsessive compulsive. Even those items yet to arrive excite the imagination and evoke good feelings. Thank you for your hyper professionalism. Lemonade forever!” (The wall color for the living room.) ……Joel G.

From a personal note: “I love my room!! It’s my retreat” – Dre G.

From a personal note: “Your room at the show house is truly spectacular. Your talent  and imagination sparkle and shine from every corner. While in your (Kentlands Designer Show House) room, my mind drifted back to a gentler time..I’m so very proud of your  accomplishments-even more than that, your genius. Down to the very last detail it is perfect.” – Maria Anne Z.

From a personal note: “Several years ago you decorated my family room and made some wonderful changes to my living room. I was very pleased with the services you provided. Our son bought a house so we gave him the our living room furniture. I would LOVE for you to assist me in decorating our now empty living room. Thank you in advance”. – Nancy Y.

From a personal note: “My husband said to me yesterday, ‘She worked miracles for us’…….We’re so pleased with with your work. Many many thanks!“……. Sylvia S.

From a phone message:”It’s absolutely incredible…Thanks so much”..Nola N.

From a a phone message:”You are amazing. I could just live up here forever. I don’t know how you do this. – Mimi P.

From a phone message: “How happy I am with it all. What an incredible difference. Thanks for the lesson in decorating and the huge change in my home. I think you are sensational!”. – Wendy C.

From a personal note:”Thanks for all your help- You are just wonderful!” . – Carol H.

From a personal note: “My husband is very happy. I’m so tickled it’s working out. You were great.I really appreciate all your time.”. –  Lynne Greene

From a personal note: “Eric and I really enjoyed our design consultation with you yesterday. We’re both excited about getting things in order here, at long last. Plus, it’s the first time I’ve been able to walk into our sunroom and not feel overwhelmed by it’s vastness. Thanks so much for everything“. – Lynn A.

From a personal note: “I sure love the room changes you did with my living room. Two rooms have been painted and our color choices were exactly right..Thank you for your help.”…Ann E.

From a personal note: “Everyone loved my living room when they saw it on Easter. Thanks so much!”. – Sally R.

From a personal note: “We still love our home and praise you for making it warm and wonderful.”. – Janis & Barney G.

From a personal note: ” I really enjoyed working with you yesterday. Thanks for being so flexible with your schedule. The boys were very excited when they told their dad about their new room. It’s going to be a fun project!”. – .Kelly L.

(from Kelly’s mom)“Kelly had a great time working with you yesterday.”

From a personal Note: “I have to write how utterly smashing the new pale sea mist color is in our guest room. The Decorators White trim makes it crisp. It was wonderful working with you.”. – Lynn N.

“I can’t thank you enough- the place looks great…Perfect!”. – Martha L.

“We trust Lynn’s judgement implicitly.”. – Karen G.

“Those colors are very very soothing…..awesome!”. – Fay W.

“The drapes are lovely! Thank so much for helping us with this project and all the special service you gave us.” – Gail W.

“Lynn, thank you so much! You are a real magician. in credibly, you actually made me like the things I have.”…… Elizabeth K.

“Thanks for your help. I thought the time was very productive and I am very excited about the results”. – Cathy C.

“You do a great job of blending older features and furnishings (the house dates circa 1850) with a new kitchen and  modern features. You even designed a splendid back yard!”. I’m glad I found you. – Alan C.

“As far as the interior design on the room was concerned, I sought professional help. Since we already had the bar I wanted the rest of the room to be designed around it. One of my coworkers used a professional interior designer, Lynn Forconi. I scheduled her to come over one afternoon. Susan happened to be home, so I asked her if she wanted to sit in. In short, Lynn was amazing; full of personality and ideas. Since the walls were still in builders white, she drew right on them! She took my ideas, embellished them and tied everything together. There were only minor changes from her original sketches”. – David F.