The Power of Color2018-09-03T15:14:33+00:00

“Artists (and decorators) are just children who refuse to put down their crayons…Al Hirschfield

“Color speaks the language of the soul”…….Lynn Forconi

What color is a shadow?

I fell in love with color when I was a little girl… One day, my grandmother read me a story from a Golden Book (and countless times afterwards) about Grandfather Bunny- Bunny who asked his grandchildren to help him paint Easter eggs. They did such a good job, that he taught them to paint the world too.  He showed them that there were new colors in each season,  including even the color  of  shadows on the snow in Winter.  By an by, their little town of Bunnyville became known far and wide as the most beautiful village in the valley.  Many seasons passed and in time their whole world was full of color. Great Grandpa Bunny-Bunny called them together and told them it was  time for him to go.  In the days that followed, they missed him very much. Then one day, after a late afternoon rain storm, they came out of their houses and saw that  many bunnies in the  village were gazing at the sky.  When they looked up too, they saw an extraordinarily beautiful sunset. A quiet smile came across their faces at the sight of those gorgeous colors, for they knew in their hearts that it was a gift from their Great Grandpa Bunny Bunny.

I was  enthralled. I began to look at the colors around me and ask things like, what color is a shadow anyway? What color is a real flame or the sky at twilight or the water in a stream?   I discovered that shadows weren’t black, flames weren’t red, the sky wasn’t always blue, nor was water blue in the streams I saw.  It became very important to me that I pick the “right” crayon color for the picture I was working on. It brought up many questions to my young mind. What color did I like best? What combinations of colors  appealed to me? Did my right eye see colors the same way as the left eye? (No.)  Why did colors look so different at night? This story opened my eyes to the power of color.

Colors became the filter through which I saw the world. To this day, that focus hasn’t changed. I have found that color is the foundation of everything we see, including the home we live in.  It can create a good or bad mood It can excite or calm. It can expand or contact a space, define an area, emphasize something or hide it, unify or divide it. I have found too, that colors behave much like people do. They can stay in the background, fight with each other, distract, harmonize or dominate. They can be good together or wrong for each other. Choosing color is an art that comes naturally to me and gives me joy.  It is my job to find colors for you that will enhance your furnishings, your home and therefore your life. Let me do that for you.